Time Well Spent

Take a cruise and you're sure to spend more time relaxing and enjoying life. Cruising gives you real quality time with family, in ways other vacations never could. Unlike a land based vacation, you pack and unpack only once and don't have to worry about all the details like dining and lodging arrangements each night of your vacation. Best of all, on a cruise you know most Photo Courtesy Carnival Cruise Lines of your costs up front, which instantly makes this a better vacation choice for the one picking up the bill.

Today's cruises are truly ideal for a family reunion, because there's something to please every generation and plenty of leisure time to meet together to discuss the day's adventures. While grandma may be at a cooking demonstration or ballroom dancing class, Mom might be relaxing in the spa or reading a book by the pool, Dad could be playing a game of basketball or watching a movie while Junior may be on a scavenger hunt with a group of kids he just met in the youth program. Cruising is all about doing what you want to do, when you want to do it.

Let's take a look at what a day on a family cruise looks like :

8 AM Boyhood buddies Jim O'Donnel and Mike Caroll meet for coffee and talk about the old neighborhood. They vow to meet on a cruise every year and to keep in touch
10:30 AM Allen Rodriguez shoots a round of hoops with his 13 year old son, Brian. They laugh a lot, miss the basket completely most of the time and agree to do this more often at home.
12 noon High School "best friends for life" Cathy Moran and Denise O'Brien reminisce about 4th hour Biology Class at lunch in the Dining Room. They wonder why in the 19 years since graduation no one ever asked them "what is the difference between a pistil and a stamen?" And they make plans to invite the whole class to cruise for their 20 year class reunion.
1:30 PM 9 year old Nancy Stein tries her hand at a video game with her new "best buddy in the world" Melissa Carpenter. They've already exchanged e-mail addresses and are plotting how to convince their parents to cruise again next year.
3 PM Betty Thompson and daughter Samantha, age 16 visit the ship's spa. They race each other on the stationery bikes and giggle about "boys". Suddenly they realize that the old days were not really that different.
4 PM Angela Morales has known Rose Dominguez for almost 40 years. Today they exchange pictures of their grand children at afternoon tea and conserve their energy for a rousing Bingo session that starts in a few minutes.
7:30 PM The entire Santini family assembles for a group photo before heading for dinner � all 42 of them. From family patriarch Angelo who just turned 79 to the youngest family member, Jessica, who just turned 7, everyone agrees that this first family re-union cruise won't be the last.
9:00 PM Rudy Martin dances with 10 year old grand daughter Michelle to a Benny Goodman classic. Michelle has no idea who Benny Goodman is. Rudy's smile looks like he just won the lottery!
Midnight The kids safely ensconced in the teen disco, Bill and Jenny Donovan take a stroll on the deck in the soft moonlight. Jenny hasn't seen her husband's eyes sparkle like that in 18 years. Hmmm family vacation AND second honeymoon.
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